march book club

As any other book lover would say, "I love reading!" There's something magical about reading a book and getting lost in the story that's comforting. I read to escape, to find inspiration. I also read to laugh and to learn about things I don't know. There are so many different reasons to grab a book and what a particular book can make you feel, it's honestly incredible. And after much debate - and my friends constantly supporting and pushing me - I have decided to start a book club! YAY!


So for this month of March, I will be reading Note to Self by Connor Franta. I knew I wanted to start sharing when I read the introduction of Connor's book. I felt like crying and rejoicing as his words perfectly described myself. The way he writes and explains his feelings, thoughts, and environment is exactly how I like to write and blog. Reading the first few pages gave me such joy and so many thoughts began swirling in my head that I had to share what I was reading so I can discuss with others how I was feeling. 

If you'd like to join me, purchase the book by clicking the link above! Or, you can choose your own book or the current book you're reading and when it comes time to the end of the month discussion, you can explain what you've been reading and share your thoughts and feelings with us. And maybe, I may get inspired and read it too!

Read on lovelies!
K. xx