new consciousness

Now that I am in my mid-20s, I feel many aspects of my life are completely different. Say's every millennial in their twenties who've realized the same thing. These last few months of 2018 have made HUGE impacts on how I view myself, situations, and how I handle those situations. I've been pushing myself out of my comfort zone for the last 3 years or so and I feel as if it has prepared me for where I'm at in my life right now.

Let me fill ya' all in.

I've been living with my sweet boyfriend for 3 months now. An experience I never thought I would...well, experience. Everyone told me how it would be. But until you experience something for yourself, you can't possibly imagine what it's like. I'm currently interning for a supervisor position while also balancing online graduate school to pursue a career in Applied Behavior Analysis. Another reality I never thought I would want for my future. I'm "trying" to continue to push my creative side more, such as my blog that you are reading as I type this. I don't want to just share my "outfit of the day," but rather all the thoughts that get collected in my mind.

Another aspect that has had major changes is in my friendships: what I need from them and how I communicate with people. I used to be very quiet, shy and went along with what my friends wanted to do. But lately, I've come to realize that I need so much more than what I accepted as friendship. I need to find myself a karass of souls that don't cancel plans on me last minute, that don't side comment or subtweet their passive aggressive issues with me, who don't leave me out of conversations, and who are unconditionally there for me as I am for them. Don't get me wrong, I love my friends. But where I am right now, I need more stimulating conversation and growth. Also, I'd LOVE to find a girl gang that loves to dress up for no reason and who religiously follows Rooster Teeth. If you're out there, hit a girl up!

This new consciousness I've been feeling as left me starving for something more. The scary part is is that I need to be the one to go out and figure out what that is. So far, I've been doing something new and out of my bubble every month. In January, I moved out of my parents' place and moved in with my boyfriend. In February, I hiked Mission Peak at 4 am (something that's been on my bucket list for 3 years). And in March last month, I went to a karaoke bar and took the next step in my internship position. I'm not sure what I'll do in April, but I know it's going to be both terrifying and exciting.

A quick thanks for the few that do read my blog, like actually read every word I write. I don't blog for the sake of followers, but as an accountability to myself in sharing what I care about in hopes of connecting with others. You are all beautiful.

K. xx


march book club

As any other book lover would say, "I love reading!" There's something magical about reading a book and getting lost in the story that's comforting. I read to escape, to find inspiration. I also read to laugh and to learn about things I don't know. There are so many different reasons to grab a book and what a particular book can make you feel, it's honestly incredible. And after much debate - and my friends constantly supporting and pushing me - I have decided to start a book club! YAY!


So for this month of March, I will be reading Note to Self by Connor Franta. I knew I wanted to start sharing when I read the introduction of Connor's book. I felt like crying and rejoicing as his words perfectly described myself. The way he writes and explains his feelings, thoughts, and environment is exactly how I like to write and blog. Reading the first few pages gave me such joy and so many thoughts began swirling in my head that I had to share what I was reading so I can discuss with others how I was feeling. 

If you'd like to join me, purchase the book by clicking the link above! Or, you can choose your own book or the current book you're reading and when it comes time to the end of the month discussion, you can explain what you've been reading and share your thoughts and feelings with us. And maybe, I may get inspired and read it too!

Read on lovelies!
K. xx

twenty-six candles

I'm usually not that crazy when my birthday comes around. I don't particularly enjoy the attention. But as I grow older, I'm starting to get excited to plan something fun, catch up with all my mates, and realize I'm another year closer to death. Okay. That last part was a joke. But honestly, though, I enjoyed my birthday celebrations last week. It started on Sunday with my family. We ate WAY too much food at this amazing  Korean BBQ and Hot Pot spot that I highly recommend. The service was so quick and everything was so yummy! My family loves to celebrate any occasion over an enormous (or rather ridiculously priced) amount of delicious food. I was working on my actual birthday, but no worries! My sweet boy and I cooked an amazing dinner together (thank you Blue Apron!) and watched a movie.

My birthday fun didn't start until the weekend. I planned a chill bonfire in Santa Cruz where the weather was absolute perfection! Sunny and warm with a cool breeze. I was a bit nervous because I invited my mates from my various circle of friends. I was worried there'd be a segregation between groups. Sadly, there was a bit of separation. However, we all enjoyed eating leftover cold pizza, chips, and brews by the fire that kept blowing smoke into our faces. And some of my friends have never even been to a bonfire on the beach before! I'm glad to be the one popping their cherry. Lol. 

We ended the night tired, filled with beer, and smelling like a campfire at Pour Taproom in downtown. The concept was very interesting and very hipster. It was perfect for me! Haha. The taps for beer are digitalized and you wear a wristband that charges you based off of how much you poured into your glass. Very modern. I definitely want to go there again. 

The one thing I learned from this birthday is: NEVER FORGET TO BRING DRAMAMINE WHEN DRIVING HIGHWAY 17. I have vertigo and got the worst case of motion sickness I have ever felt. If it wasn't for the drive, I would visit Santa Cruz more often since I live closer. But, Half Moon Bay is still my number one love.

Happy birthday to all my fellow weirdo prophet Aquirians! 
Stay weird and wild.

K. x