"a creative explorer in photography, writing, and style"

My Story

As a post fashion blogger, I have created a platform to highlight my photography journey combined with personal narratives. My growing admiration for all things photo-related is reflected in my eclectic style, both in fashion and how I photograph. I humbly believe that telling stories is the most essential thing in life. That is why I write. To share a reflection of my passion and empathic energy, followed by my daily struggles of anxiety and emotions. When I'm not getting lost in my head, I work as a Board Certified Autism Technician in the Bay Area, working with children and families. I'm currently in graduate school to obtain my Master's Degree in the field of ABA because I love what I do. However, I also love being creative. I have always felt the need to write, to share, to document and photograph. This is why I blog. And I hope to one day be recognized by my photography and writing.

Disclosure: The views on my blog are a personal expression of my life. This does not reflect the view of the company that I work for.

All photos featured on the blog are photographed by the author, unless otherwise stated.