"a creative explorer in photography, writing, and style"

My Story

As a post-fashion blogger, I have created a platform to highlight my photography journey along with personal narratives. My growing admiration for all things photo-worthy is reflected in my eclectic style of how I photograph. I humbly believe that telling stories is the most essential reason for why we live. That is why I write. To share a reflection of my passion and empathetic energy for life and love. To openly share my daily struggles with anxiety and depression. To share my creative voice and find peace among the chaos of the world.
I am a storyteller, a lover of photography and words.

When I'm not getting lost in the network of stars in my mind, I live a normal life. I go to work, attend online graduate school, and hang out with family and friends. It's not easy balancing the list of to-do's I create for myself (aka adulting), but it helps that I have a great support system of friends, family, and my sweet love to encourage me to keep working hard.

The intimate details of my life are written and shared on this blog. I hope you find comfort in my endeavors and inspiration in knowing that you are not alone.

All photos featured on the blog are photographed by the author and friends, unless otherwise stated.

Disclosure: The views on my blog are a personal expression of my life. It does not reflect the view of the company that I work for.