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dingus mcgee's

It's incredible to think that there are some adventures that we almost missed out on because we were too tired, too busy, or too upset about something to go out and enjoy the purpose of life! Earlier in the week, I almost didn't ask my best mate to go out and explore a new area we both never been too. I almost missed out on seeing some incredible sights and finding sweet hidden treasures. I almost missed out on some delicious Korean BBQ and milk tea. I am grateful to be able to pull myself out of deep sadness (a hole I dug myself) and be able to recognize and change my attitude to help lift my energy. Because if I didn't, this post wouldn't exist.

B and I headed up North on a two hour drive to Auburn, a cute hidden town near Sacramento. We both heard about the Foresthill Bridge and how you can climb under to snap some amazing angles. Unfortunately, we were unable to achieve this goal due to barbed wire, disadvantage height, and lack of tools. Although we were disappointed, the view from the drive up and from the bridge made up for it. Beautiful green trees covered the hills and the river far down below looked like summer time perfection.

Ha ha! Here are some outtakes of B in her natural form. 
That's my best mate guys. She's the best!

We headed to Old Town Auburn and damn was it a cute little hub of shops! Great looking bars and restaurants, antique stores, and original buildings that made everything feel nostalgic. I absolutely LOVE finding areas like this! It brings me such great joy that I do a cute little dance with my feet. Further along in the area, we found our redemption in a train tunnel tagged in some cool artwork. B and I were glowing with excitement! 

I'm exceptionally humbled that my photos turned out so well! I haven't used my Rebel t3i in so long, that I was worried I would't remember how to use aperture and shutter speed correctly. I guess it's like riding a bike and it's something that you don't forget. Also, it had been quite some time since B and I had our #BtheWolfxKattheFox last photography adventure. To reconnect with exploration, conversation, and yummy food was all we needed. This day was extra special for us. And bonus: it was Galentine's Day! I wouldn't want to spend it with anyone else. We plan on going back to explore more of Auburn and the surrounding towns. We're so used to driving West towards the coast and Bay Area that it's nice to go to some place completely new. 

Come back to read more of my adventures and other inklings! xx

Ps. Don't let the tough times keep you down. Give yourself time to feel, but also understand that things do get better. Don't miss out on all the happiness.

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Photo by B. Dela Cruz

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