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beautiful wet portlandia

When in rainy Portland, it really is pointless to curl your hair because as soon as you walk outside--even if you have an umbrella and a beanie--your hair dampens and frizzes and the time it took you to curl your hair was all for waste. Case in point: ME. But I loved every minute walking in the rain! Lol. Rob took me to Powell's and I got lost in the beautiful shelves of literature! I wanted to buy a book so bad, but I've got a growing collection of an unread library that I should read before collecting more books. We then met up with one of his mates for lunch and mmm! Taco's + fries + beer PLUS good conversation is the bestest.

There must be something magical up in PNW because everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) was absolutely a delight! When I looked at people in the face, they genuinely smiled as I smiled back. Strangers said excuse me as we passed each other on the streets. The most notable characteristic difference from Portland to The Bay Area is that everyone isn't in a hurry, everyone is enjoying the moment and taking their time. You can feel a sense of joy in the air that I don't feel all the time back home. It was a refreshing change of pace.

My sister and her fiancé were also in Portland visiting their friends and we all met up for drinks at The Green Room because the wait for The Whiskey Library was 2-3 hours. No thank you! That night, I tried gin and holy hell I died. Three times. I cannot even talk about it without wanting to puke. And Rob, being the sweet gentleman that he is, switched his much sweeter Whiskey cocktail with my drink. Afterwards, we grabbed some grub at Portland City Grill and damn, the view up their was incredible! But, not as great as San Francisco. My time in Portland was too short, but I'm hoping to come back soon!

Come back to check out our last day in Oregon and our 10 hour drive back home. xx

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