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hour by hour | mundane work day

According to my instagram, all I do is travel to cool spots and adventure and photograph everything. If only that were true. Most of my days are quiet and boring and typical. So last Friday, I documented what a mundane day of mine usually looks like.

collecting light

Photographer | B. Dela Cruz
I used to take outfit photos with a self timer on my camera all the time. I would swiftly position myself as the beeping countdown began and breathe a sigh of relief once I heard the "click" of my camera. That felt like another life time. I started missing fashion blogging and so, here I am trying this all out again.

leaning into the mountain

photographed by B. Dela Cruz

This morning, I attended my best mate's church service and I am very glad I did. Pastor Kim, who is an angel on earth with her empathetic heart and sermons, shared some heartfelt and thought-provoking words that awakened a few deep rooted feelings within me.

ink no. 2

This past Monday was my best mate's birthday. The big 25. And just like last year, we spent the majority of the day together: driving around exploring and talking about everything and anything--oh, and righteously getting tattoos too!

contemplative blues

I'm home alone and I'm sitting in my backyard. The air feels more fresh out here than staying inside my bedroom. The sun is about to set as the tops of all the trees around me glow with brilliance.
I apologize for not remaining consistent in posting on the blog. I have no excuse. I've been getting lost in my head lately--something that only happens when my soul grows stagnant. The sad part is: I know what I need to do to achieve happiness, but I've grown lazy and comfortable where I'm at and what I'm doing. Also, I'm terrified to move forward and pursue goals that I've always dreamed about that have the power to completely change my life in very major ways. I know I'm being vague and indirect. I will explain more in detail in another post. I just needed an outlet to vent my confusing feelings.
To whoever reads my blog, bless your sweet soul for sticking around xx