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empty spaces

We're both caught up in our  empty spaces, following the stars been too blind to compromise.
Your premature words echo between my feelings and soul; a very fine line I grow tired of roaming.
We speak the same language, fluent in honesty and kinetic skinship in energy. But your hesitation troubles my unconditional balance.
A distance grows  between the quiet and I can longer sooth your mind when you sleep that extra mile.

the wolf x the fox | montara

Before anyone else, it was just us two and our cameras. It had been quite some time since my best mate B and I had gone on an adventure together. We've been busy with our own personal lives, lately, that we forgot to make quality exploring time with each other.

enrique & melanie

He proposed during the golden hours of sunrise along the warm waters on a beach in Hawaii. Five years of love and laughter, he got down on one knee and proposed to my sister. There romance is classic: childhood friends that reconnected years later and fell in love.


My name is Kat and I am a lover of photography and words. I delight in photography adventures and urban exploring with my gnomie homies, hoarding a collection of books I forget to read, subconsciously writing short stories about my emotions, and constantly getting lost in my mind. This blog is a collection of my ideas and opinions, including my photography and personal life.
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Photo by B. Dela Cruz