self portraits x exposed

There is never an opportunity where I am not learning--learning something about myself, my feelings, what I want. I crave both isolation and societal gatherings. As a hopeless romantic, I yearn to fall in love, but on the other hand my dirty mind only makes me want one thing. I want your attention but don't care if you want me or not; I'm okay with being alone. My nature of contradictions is confusing but it's my genuine character.

I'm learning to be completely honest with myself in every aspect of my life. Speaking my truths to friends and family--and even strangers--is terrifying, but there's a satisfaction in being forward with my intentions. Sometimes, being on the receiving end of the truth is painful--but it won't kill me nor make me weak. As cliché as it sounds, it will make me stronger, my skin a little thicker, my perspective more understanding. 

My emotional empathy for others is deep and unconditional. I have always been all heart, all compassion. I don't know any other way to feel. And to be honest, I don't want to feel any other way--even if it means getting hurt every time. My friend says that I enjoy "emotionally self-sabotaging" myself. Huh, maybe in some sadistic way, I do.

Honesty is all that matters to me xx