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Your baby blues stared at me, locked onto my eyes. My usual impulse to look away 
escaped me and a new one took it's place - I didn't want to move. 
There was something different in your eyes, as if 
you truly wanted to know me. 
Immediately, my mind began to wander, my heart began to beat faster.

A feeling I'm all too familiar with started electrifying beneath my skin. 
The air between us grew quiet as I leaned in closer, something magnetic pulling me into your energy. 
But something kept me from reaching you. A heavy awareness of fear set and sank into my heart, 
spreading a shadow of anxiety and paranoia all around me.

I want you so much closer,
but my own doubts about myself are what is eating my feelings for you up.
So I just sit there, across from you,
hoping that you want to be closer to me too.

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My name is Kat and I am a lover of photography and words. I delight in photography adventures and urban exploring with my gnomie homies, hoarding a collection of books I forget to read, subconsciously writing short stories about my emotions, and constantly getting lost in my mind. This blog is a collection of my ideas and opinions, including my photography and personal life.
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Photo by B. Dela Cruz

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I'm learning to be completely honest with myself in every aspect of my life. Speaking my truths to friends and family--and even strangers--is terrifying, but there's a satisfaction in being forward with my intentions. Sometimes, being on the receiving end of the truth is painful--but it won't kill me nor make me weak. As clich√© as it sounds, it will make me stronger, my skin a little thicker, my perspective more understanding. 
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