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self portraits x peaches

There are some days when I wake up feeling myself, feeling good in my skin and curves. What'd you think I meant, you pervs. Aha.  The decision to take self portraits again gave me major anxiety, but it's great practice for me to get comfortable in front of the camera again. I mean, I used to snap "outfits of the day" in my backyard for years back in high school and my early college days. Honestly, that was more nerve-wracking compared to taking these more intimate photos.
This time around, instead of having a fresh face I tried some eye makeup. I'm not a huge fan of eye shadow because I feel like my eyes are too big (plus, I prefer something more simple such as eyeliner), but I had time to play around with some shades that morning. I don't know if I did it correctly, but it's whatever. It was fun getting caked up. I don't know how girls do it consistently everyday, it's exhausting.

I low-key want someone to take intimate bedroom photos of me, but…

big sur on portra 400

Remember when I posted about my Big Sur trip with my friend Nick? These are the few shots I snapped on Florence, my Canon AE-1 camera. I was using a Portra 400 roll and I'm so happy with how the photos turned out! I'm still learning and getting used to adjusting for lighting and depth of field and other important film camera stuff (I know so much, right?), but I'm content with what I capture. 
For more photos, check out my Flickr! I upload collections of my favorites there.

never stop adventuring xx

Thursday, June 2 2016 | 7:11p

[photographed by B. Dela Cruz]
My snapchat filter tells me it's 94 degrees outside, but there's a nice warm breeze as I write this in my backyard. It's a different environment than my room. I welcome the change. Byron road lays beyond the brick wall to my left, the sound of cars driving well above the speed limit sounds rhythmic. The humming of my AC unit is constant, while I can quietly hear the wind tickle the vines that are growing along the fence. The setting sun illuminates a halo around my head and I can see my reflection off my laptop screen. The expression on my face is that of melancholy.

I've been feeling more deeply lately, the hunger is slowly driving me mad. I reminisce back to days before I accepted any type of feelings into my life. I was content. I was happy with being alone, riding solo and keeping to myself. Everything was easier and I liked it that way. But these days, I crave human interaction, to be social and outgoing. Never did I think I would b…

lonely for you only

The summer heat has arrived with cool, breezy nights, yet unbearable heat waves during daylight.  I spend my days driving from client to client, blasting the AC on high as I can see the glistening hot weather among the dry grass as I pass by. They must be parched, I wonder. But I'm soon distracted by Drake's new album as I speed 60 mph down the backroads. 
It's completely dark in my room as I lay in bed, listening to summer sounds from my open window. The crickets are playing a sweet symphony joined by the passing of cars along 580 in the distance. My mind immediately drifts to thoughts of you; your smile, your scent, your touch. My hand wanders between my thighs and the urge for you grows deep. 
A few days pass and I grow impatient until I see you again. I can't focus at work because all I can think of is your grip upon my hips while you go deep. I bite my bottom lip, quieting moaning as I try to collect data on my client--who is completely unaware of my physical sta…