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a series of very weird events

It's only the end of March and this year has been nothing but nonstop insane series of weird events. Every week something new comes up that throws me off my energy that I'm beginning to question both the true meaning of "coincidence" and "fate" and how they intertwine together. How exactly does it all concur? Is the universe conspiring against me? Why is the timing of this all so questionably perfect? Seriously, if you knew week by week, story by story what has happened you would think I'm making this up. But I'm not. Honestly. I couldn't even if I wanted to. Even my gnomies are baffled when I tell them my stories. But they laugh with unjudging eyes and never cease to give me heartfelt advice to get me through. For that, I love them truly and deeply.
Oh, did you think I was going to spill you the glorious details of all my weird developments? Well, you guessed right. I am. I will. In future posts, so you should definitely stick around! But anyw…

romantic falls

I didn't have plans this year for Valentine's Day (I'm not a big fan of the holiday in the first place), so my sister kindly invited me to go hiking with her and her boyfriend to Alamere Falls up North near Point Reyes. Also, our cousin from Santa Barbara was in town so we made it a family day hang. Although we did leave early and read up on online tips about the hike, we didn't anticipate the weather being so warm nor were we prepared for how much farther it actually was. Since we got there late, we had to park farther than the main parking lot and basically jog the extra few miles. But despite the 16 mile hike it took us (about 8 miles to the falls and 8 miles back to our car), it was definitely worth the view. 

My sister Melanie and her boyfriend Ricky being cheesy. Lol.
To get down to the beach and see the falls, we had to climb down some very questionable rocks and cliffs. Check out this video here to get an idea. To be honest, it took me a while to get myself pu…

coastal winds

There's something magical about heading to the coast on a Sunday afternoon. 
The ladies and I did an impromptu trip to Half Moon Bay and it was well worth the few hours we got to breathe in the Pacific coast. It was actually my first time driving my "Liam Nissan" (haha, see what I did there?) down to the shore, but I had a great co-pilot to calm me down when I started unnecessarily freaking out--THANKS D! As I've mentioned before in previous posts, the drive down is always the best part of any adventure. My friends and I would jam out to Justin Timberlake classics and switch up our sounds from One Direction to G-Eazy. One of my favorite memories was when the last time we were driving back from HMB. There was a song that was playing (I forgot the name) and they rapped something about opening car doors and before I knew it, all my friends opened their doors as we were driving 60 mph on 92. It was crazy!

My friends took me to Bean Hollow State Beach where you can walk …

65 candles and still counting

When my siblings and I were too young to be left home alone, my father quit his job to become a stay-at-home dad while my mother worked two jobs at the hospital. My parents didn't agree with the idea of a stranger babysitting us in our home. Sometimes I forget what a sacrifice my father did for us while growing up. I know it must not have been easy for him to take care of three young rugrats while your wife makes all the finance. It's even more difficult now with everything that has transpired throughout the years and how my relationship with him has changed. 
No matter what, I will always love my dad because a father's love is nothing compared to a mother's love. Fathers' are that quiet love that endures through silent car rides, saying yes when mom say's no, and watching you get married off to the second man you will love in your life.
Happy Birthday papa, I love you. xx

been out exploring

It always surprises me how much can happen in a month! I've been out adventuring with my friends and family to new and old spots in the bay area. I went on a spontaneous Half Moon Bay road trip with the ladies, hiked up mountains during my sister's birthday weekend, roadside trespassed to take pictures of pretty blooming trees, midweek concerts to SF to hear new bands rock out, snuck into abandon buildings, and grubbed on killer food trucks at flea markets by the ocean.
Post of mentioned adventures to follow soon! xx