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getting lost in nature

Driving along the 580 before sunrise, our bodies lacked enervation with only about three hours of sleep. The flashing of red brake lights shined across our face--keeping us aware that we need to stay awake or risk the fear of crashing. Traffic was manageable, thanks to throwbacks of Justin Timberlake and dope beats by KPOP's Big Bang. With the only boy on the trip sleeping in the backseat, us three ladies gossiped about girl shit. 
As the skies began to brighten, I got distracted while driving by the lovely views around me: Karl the Fog hovering above the distant San Francisco, the steady ocean waves below the bridge underneath us, and a new city I've never been in before. There was a refreshing mist all around us and with a backdrop of luscious green hills and twisted trees and downhill roads, we felt ourselves driving deeper into nature. We arrived an hour after the park opened with only less than ten cars on the lot. After our one and a half car drive up north, we got out …

24 candles

According to Blink-182, "No one likes you when you're 23."
I have never been fond of my birthday or celebrating it. I honestly don't enjoy the attention--I feel more insecure when I'm the topic of conversation. I prefer my energy to glow from the sidelines rather than center stage. I've always been this way and people have noticed my quiet victories, challenges, and coming of age moments. The past several years, my life has slowly been pushing itself more towards the center and I can feel myself resisting every attempt. Lately, I have sort of accepted the flow of change and am more willing to shine. 
With every change in age, I feel a difference of energy--not just within myself, but among my peers, people I confide in, and the environment I choose to surround myself in. The last three years were my most defining: all the hardships, consequences, and mistakes I had to learn have ultimately helped me understand life more. I'm consistently growing and matu…