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quick weekend getaway

Over the weekend, I drove 4.5 hours down to Santa Barbara to surprise my cousins' for their birthday.  I've never been to Santa Barbara before so I was thrilled! The drive wasn't that bad, but I was terribly distracted by the beautiful green hills and blue skies. My boyfriend was DJ the entire trip while my sister, her fiancĂ© and their dog chilled in the back seat. After getting cleaned up at the hotel, we pulled up at Leadbetter Beach. It wasn't much of a surprise because they suspected us to roll through after my parent's and brother got there.
The four of us were starving after the drive! But I gravitated towards the beer, obviously, before grubbing on BBQ and calamari. The weather was exceptional that day. Hazy skies with a slight overcast, but we were able to catch some sun and see the sunset. Also, the water was not dreadfully freezing like up in Santa Cruz. I dipped my feet into the ocean while my boyfriend and my sister's fiancĂ© skipped rocks like 12 y…
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jean jacket dreaming

Do you have one of those pieces in your closet that you heavily wear on rotation on the daily? Well, for the past couple of weeks, I've been detailing all my outfits with this vintage jean jacket that I thrifted last year.  I was going through my clothes to see which one's to throw away, donate, or sell. I completely forgot about this sweet steal of a purchase from the Treasure Island Flea Market. It's been sitting in my closet for months and I never touched it! Shame on me. But, I'm glad it's getting the attention it deserves.
Also, I've been adding charming little pin details to my jackets. My best mate got me into them when she got me some during the holidays. I've slowly been collecting more and pinning them to a few of my jackets.

I'm so elated it's getting warmer and the sun is out more! It's been pouring down rain from the Gods above the past several weeks (felt more like months!) that I nearly got tired of the rain and grey clouds; and …

my first pie

One of my goals this year is to learn how to bake. Over the weekend, my beautiful friend Melissa invited a few of us ladies friends over for a sweet bake day! She taught us how to bake a Dutch Apple  Crumble Pie. I was thrilled because it was my first time baking a pie!
As we snacked on Caprese d'oeuvres and mimosa's while learning how to make a pie crust, my other friend introduced me to (what is now my favorite snack) Dorito's with mustard. Yeah, sounds weird, right? I'm not at all a fan of mustard, but the tangy taste of it with the cheesy chips was mind-blowingly (is that a word?) delicious! After washing and cutting up the apples, sprinkling them with the cinnamon, nutmeg and brown sugar, we put them in the oven and within 15 minutes the smell of warm baked apples filled the kitchen. Mmm! Once the pies were finished, we made chocolate dipped strawberries with colorful sprinkles while waiting for the pies to cool down. 
I've always wanted to create amazing goo…

dingus mcgee's

It's incredible to think that there are some adventures that we almost missed out on because we were too tired, too busy, or too upset about something to go out and enjoy the purpose of life! Earlier in the week, I almost didn't ask my best mate to go out and explore a new area we both never been too. I almost missed out on seeing some incredible sights and finding sweet hidden treasures. I almost missed out on some delicious Korean BBQ and milk tea. I am grateful to be able to pull myself out of deep sadness (a hole I dug myself) and be able to recognize and change my attitude to help lift my energy. Because if I didn't, this post wouldn't exist.
B and I headed up North on a two hour drive to Auburn, a cute hidden town near Sacramento. We both heard about the Foresthill Bridge and how you can climb under to snap some amazing angles. Unfortunately, we were unable to achieve this goal due to barbed wire, disadvantage height, and lack of tools. Although we were disappoi…

and the rain never stops

Knowing that it was my last day of vacation, my heart broke with complete sadness. As I sat in the living room drinking what would be my last cup of homemade latte, I stared out the window and imagined myself in a sad music video as the rain continued to pour outside. I fell head-over-heels in love with Portland before I even got to Portland. But, we made the most of the day by walking around some more, checking out some local shops, and also hitting this sweet arcade. Ps. I beat him in Mortal Kombat. Hell yeah, baby! 

After the Falcon's lost to the Patriots and stuffing ourselves with pizza after pizza, we ended the night watching his dad's favorite movie: Top Gun. I'll admit that I'm not a huge Tom Cruise fan, but the soundtrack to the movie was killer.
It was a challenge to wake up early the next day and get a good start on our drive back down. We stopped over at his alma mater, University of Oregon. It was nostalgic to be back on campus grounds and to roam the hal…

beautiful wet portlandia

When in rainy Portland, it really is pointless to curl your hair because as soon as you walk outside--even if you have an umbrella and a beanie--your hair dampens and frizzes and the time it took you to curl your hair was all for waste. Case in point: ME. But I loved every minute walking in the rain! Lol. Rob took me to Powell's and I got lost in the beautiful shelves of literature! I wanted to buy a book so bad, but I've got a growing collection of an unread library that I should read before collecting more books. We then met up with one of his mates for lunch and mmm! Taco's + fries + beer PLUS good conversation is the bestest.
There must be something magical up in PNW because everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) was absolutely a delight! When I looked at people in the face, they genuinely smiled as I smiled back. Strangers said excuse me as we passed each other on the streets. The most notable characteristic difference from Portland to The Bay Area is that everyone isn't…

lake oswego & the trailblazers

We flew out late Thursday night and unbeknownst to me I got invertigo on the flight--something that has never happened before. My boyfriend distracted my insane spinning head with the Matrix Reloaded, which did help. Thanks babe! Once we landed, I couldn't' contain my excitement! Actually being in Oregon (and not just dreaming about it) brought me great joy as the freezing air welcomed me to the Pacific North West.

We woke up the next morning to beautiful rain and grey skies, my favorite! His parents made a delicious breakfast of bacon and eggs as we ate with the view of Lake Oswego before us. Afterwards, he took me on a trail at George Roger's Park, which lead to an abandoned structure that was, sadly, not safe enough to try to get inside of. Just walking around in the rain surrounded by such fresh air and a wildly green environment was everything compared to California's drought of brown hills.

Later that night, his parents took us to the Trailblazers vs. Mavericks …